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Being Mrs. Culpepper is my most recent work of fiction. I’m releasing the novel as a four-part serial at no cost to the reader, with Part One ready to read now.

With the challenges of Covid I decided to forgo the rigorous process of self-publishing and instead share the story on this site. 

Parts Two, Three, and Four will be released in weekly intervals beginning December 18, 2020. 

Hope you enjoy Robin’s journey! 


Story Summary:                                         

While unpacking the complexities of her relationships with two husbands, and the strained relationship with her father, thirty-three-year-old Robin Culpepper’s suppressed childhood memories of tragic events slowly return, forcing her to come to grips with a crime she witnessed, and one she committed.

The story follows Robin’s life over two decades as she pieces together clues on the failure of her three year marriage to James Westbrook; the endurance of her twenty year marriage to Brandon Culpepper; and the manipulative role her parents played in suppressing her memory.

After confronting her parents and conquering her fears, and with the love and support of James and Brandon, Robin made peace with her past and claimed the life she was meant to live.


Author Biography

Lorraine Packard

After twenty seven years in the insurance industry, Lorraine Packard is happily retired and fulfilling a lifelong dream of “telling her little stories.”

In 2016 Lorraine self-published two books—Bogalusa and Beyond; Slices of Life, a non-fiction collection of vignettes that reflect her life in a small paper mill town; and The Conversation, a novel about a well to do family on the verge of destruction after long held secrets are revealed.

My Other Work

Bogalusa and Beyond

Slices of Life

Bogalusa for website

Bogalusa and Beyond: Slices of Life is a collection of vignettes and short stories that begins with tales of the author’s childhood in 1960’s Bogaulsa, Louisiana. There are stories that will delight readers, and cause a bit of melancholy; others that vividly show the stark reality of poverty; and some that will warm readers’ hearts and transport them back to their own childhood. My beautiful granddaughter graces the cover of this collection.

The Conversation

The Conversation for website

In the wealthy town of Greenwich, Connecticut, drama unfolds and reveals secrets that no one in the Lewis family ever dreamed would come to light. 

The Conversation is a story of tragedy, hope, and forgiveness. It is a reminder of the unpredictable path of family secrets and lies; the strength of friendship, and the power of deep love.

If you are interested in purchasing the Bogalusa book, enter your info below and I will send you details.